Ridiculous but Historically Accurate Reasons for My Daughter’s Meltdowns, Volume 2

This is the list that never ends.

Yes it goes on and on my friends.

Her parents started making it of all the shit she does,

and it will never fucking stop expanding just because….(repeat)

If you have any clue what the above song parodies, good luck with your 40s, condolences for going through the change, and/or congrats on your grandkids.

Anyway, here are more stupid reasons for my daughter losing her shit:

1) A hair ribbon in her braid being uneven with the ribbon on the braid opposite.

2) Getting wet anywhere when not bathing or swimming.

3) When she’s unfamiliar with a route being taken to a familiar destination.

4) Losing of any kind.

5) Not being permitted to wear cotton socks over her tights.

6) When I use the wrong pizza sauce on her pizza.

7) The suggestion that she have protein with her meal.

8) Not being permitted to sit in a restricted section of a theater.

9) A simple gesture of love from Mommy to Stone Cold.

10) Another episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse immediately following an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse when hoping for another program to air in the same time slot.

11) Ant sightings.

12) When her bath water is a degree higher or lower than her preferred temperature of that day (preference varies).

13) The inability to fit ice cubes in certain water bottles.

14) Upon discovering that the menu for her upcoming meal doesn’t include pizza, pancakes or processed food.