Bullshit Items New Parents Don’t Need: Pee Pee Tee Pees

As dirty as it sounds, your infant son is going to take a few selfie urine shots in his face, eyes, mouth, and on his chest. There is jack shit you can do to prevent this from happening. They sell these piece of shit devices to place over the little unit’s unit while

Just no.

Just no.

changing the diaper.

As reality has it, the little guy will

a. Be too squirmy to change the diaper with any noted accuracy for a novice changer, let alone dormant enough to have time to keep something else in place.

b. Never pee into thin air when you’reĀ  prepared to handle it, and usually make damn sure he’s given himself a money shot when you’re reaching for the diaper unprepared to prevent the attack of the flying urine.

A washcloth works fine if you want to cut down on the phantom pee. No need to buy anything stupid enough to be called a pee pee tee pee.