Bullshit Items New Parents Don’t Need: Diaper Genies

Imagine stepping into a port-a-potty three days after its been collecting human excrement. Now imagine if it were possible to bottle up that smell into a concentrated dose, and then imagine snorting a line of it. Repeat. Repeat again. Do that shit again.

Sounds like a fucking nightmare doesn’t it? Good thing it’s only something I made up, right? Well, Stone Cold Daddy can’t take credit for this one, because the effect is real, and in real life they call it a diaper genie.

Its purpose is to hide the smell of soiled diapers. What it actually does is collect the foul smells and super size them to become a toxic super power that you will eventually come face to face with when the genie is full.

The diaper genie is a vivid illustration of the sheer stupidity of mankind and or that even God fucks up sometimes. Avoid this shit at all costs.