Blogs Better Than Stone Cold’s: Mommy Cusses

Of course Stone Cold was in love with Mommy Cusses based on title alone before he read a syllable of the blog. Then he read her fucked up Mother’s Day card post and went into cardiac arrest laughing at the shit.

She swears, brings the wit, sharing her adventures in parenting and nerdville. An added bonus is her dropping of the term ‘gangster’ like hotcakes. You know I dig dat shit the most.

What I like: Reading around the blog and through her tweets gives me the impression that aside from a pinch of maturity, parenthood hasn’t altered her loveable personality at all. I’m confident of this even though I have no fucking clue who she is off-net.

What I love:Her Twitter account:

What is dope: She plays video games. Fucking video games. Must be nice. Check her shit out.