Blogs Better Than Stone Cold’s: Dad and Buried

Dad and Buried gets it. Stone Cold thinks he does anyway. If you visit his blog one of the first things you see is “Anti-Parenting” in the menu. That warmed Stone Cold’s heart like the Dickens.

Dad and Buried knows the art of hardcore parenting without taking oneself too seriously. He’s not going to get into any brawls at a kids’ soccer game, and could give a shit about what anyone thinks about his approach. He also is comfortable with the fact that he is losing his mind doing this shit.

What I Like: This post. I saluted it, cherished it, and hope you share the shit out of it. One of my favorite parenting posts ever, and guaranteed to make you laugh.

What I Love: He may not take himself seriously, but you will take him seriously even if he goes against the grain of some people’s idea of parenting. Stone Cold is Stone cold, and I’m gonna rub some people the wrong way (not that I give a fuck if you were wondering). D and B on the other hand will have your respect even if you don’t fancy his opinions.

What is really Dope: He aims to encourage parents to be themselves and not only the parent version of themselves. Check his shit out.