20150224_172058If you came here for a bunch of warm and fuzzies and sentimental musings of a proud parent, you came to the wrong damn website. What you will read are the words of a man who loves his kids more than anything in the world. I will love the hell out of them with every waking breath and do all I can to ensure they grow in a household of love.

That said, most of the words you will read reflect the sheer insanity of parenthood. My kids make me so crazy, I have zero idea who or what I was before the screaming began. I spend a great fraction of time wondering what the hell is going on, shaking my head, and exercising every bit of restraint not to flip the fuck out.

Be warned: the harsh realities of raising kids will be discussed uncensored and from a man on the edge of becoming unhinged from the grasp of sanity. I apologize for nothing and I will say what most parents are afraid to say. And that’s the bottom line…..because I said so.